This is the page of the Class Ranger.

Ranger and Promotion Class, Bow KnightEdit

The Ranger class makes its first appearance in Shining Force 2, as the character May is the only ranger.Later on in Shining Force Gaiden and Shining Force CD rangers also appear. In book one, Stock joins the force and at book 2 Graham joins.

When May, Stock, or Graham reaches Lv. 15 or 20 (depending on Game), they will be promoted to Bow Knights. Bow Knights are similar, if not identical to Snipers of Brass Gunners.

All Rangers use the same weapons as Archers and all Bow Knights use the same weapons as Snipers

Known Rangers/ Bow KnightsEdit

  • May- Shining Force 2
  • Stock- Gaiden and CD, book 1
  • Graham- Gaiden and CD, book 2

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