Rinna Mayfield

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Rinna Mayfield
Race Elf
Physical description
Hair color Brown
Eye color Purple
Gender Female
Class Witch
Media appearances Shining Resonance
Voice Actors
Japanese Ai Kayano
English Not Applicable
Voice Clips

"Teehee, so this party is Mr. Dragon's harem!~"
—Rinna Mayfield, Shining Resonance

Rinna Mayfield (リンナ・メイフィールド Rinna Meifīrudo?), also known as Linna Mayfield, is one of the protagonists of Shining Resonance. An elven witch who specializes in wind magic and uses the Dragon Spine Tran Rod, a wind instrument, to do her business, she’s a Dragoner sent from the elven country of Wellant to help Astoria after it finds its island of Alfheim, a former dragon stronghold, besieged by the Lombardia Empire.[1]



Although a personable and bright person, deep down Rinna is said to possess a mischievous personality, with a sharp tongue to boot. As a friend of Kirika’s since childhood, she happens to be one of the few people that can get close to her.[1]



Rinna sports the Dragon Spine Tran Rod for her weapon, affording her the ability to blow enemies up into the area and summon large tornadoes to do her bidding.[2]


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