Rogan's Battle Sprite in Scenario 3, captured using the SSF emulator
Vital statistics
Class Commander -> General
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Imperial Army
Birthplace Empire
Appearances Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God

Rogan is an Imperial General.




Powers & MagicEdit

Rogan can equip Blades, Swords and Maces. He has no Magic.



While Rogan never makes an appearance in Scenario 3, and only gets a few mentions, he can be unlocked as a playable character in Scenario 3 and the Premium Disc with the use of an Action Replay or by manually editing the games' save files.

His character has no Sprite defined in the game's code, so he will appear on the map as being invisible, but still casting a shadow (this happens in both Scenario 3 and the Premium Disc). His battle animations work correctly, although he uses the same animations for both of his classes. Interestingly, his NPC counter-part can be added to your force instead of your Dragons, and his Sprite displays correctly.

His character slot is positioned between Kate and Edmund, which suggests he was meant to join as a playable character early on, however due to the events of Chapter 6 of Scenario 2, it would be impossible for him to join Julians Force before Chapter 5. This suggests that Rogan may have been intended as an additional character for Synbios' or (more likely) Medion's force.

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