Rufina Windaria
Race Human
Birthplace Wyndalia
Relatives Ragnus (Brother)
Physical description
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Gender Female
Class Priest
Media appearances Shining Hearts
Voice Actors
Japanese Yui Horie
English Juliet Simmons
Voice Clips

Rufina Windaria (ルフィーナ・ウィンダリア Rufīna Windaria?) is a character from Shining Hearts. She is the Princess of Windaria and takes a great interest in Rick.



She appears to have bright olive skin, with waist-long hair, wavy albeit. in the color of blonde. with Lightning-ish sea blue eyes. most of the time she is seen in her Priest outfit, which consists of a topless shirt that exposes most of her back with a slightly deep chest cleavage. the shirt is coupled with a matching set of detched sleeves. a small cape down her shoulders enclasped with a sapphire, the shoulders are half exposed by the cape. below the shirt the player can notice in a double layer skirt. an inner very short frilly white skirt. coupled with very tall thigh high socks. and traditional frilly priest boots. the outer layer consists of a very long skirt front revealing. also in the color of white. the whole outfit aside her hat is made with peachy pink with silk white, silk threading outfit. her hat. is somewhat different as it is made with gold threads and forms the priest mark with a rectangle.

at times she would expose her waist wings, which are traditional angel looking wings. roughly 90% of her height in length. and she'll allways hold her holy book close to her.


Rufina is not very known for her kindness. In fact. she is known as one that is not with good terms with the citizen of Windaria. She is especially bad in relationships with her father. it is unknown what is her relationship with her mother, as it is not mentioned in the anime.

Like her older brother Ragnus, she shares an interest with herbs and tea and can often be seen in the Palace Garden.



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