Saraband is a location in Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom and Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God, acting as the first chapter in both scenarios, while being mentioned in the third. It is a neutral city that floats on the waters outside of Destonia. At the time of the peace conferences, the Republic and Empire have small forces stationed within two different lodges for the duration of the process. However, things spiral out of control when the Bulzome Sect send a group of Masked Monks into the city, with the first group attacking the Medion Army. While the Imperials succeed in defeating the monks, their leader escapes into the city with the group in pursuit. The Medion Army does not find the leader, but runs into the Synbios Army, and informs them that the masked monks are in the city. Explosions are heard, and as the armies part ways, Synbios and his forces run into the monks and fight them as well, only to find out later that the sect has already succeeded in their intentions, with an imposter of Benetram kidnapping Emperor Domaric. From here, the events of the game unfold.


Despite being neutral, the security forces of Saraband seem more inclined to help the empire, though this was likely more as a result of the kidnapping conducted by the Bulzome Sect, as they made the republic look like the instigators. The Saraband Army had attempted twice to stop the Synbios Army (with the second time occurring if they took too long to defeat the monks outside of the city), and attempted to stop the Medion Army following their exit from Balsamo. As a result of both engagements, Saraband lost most of its troops, though the city has little involvement anyways after the initial chapters.

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