Secret Book
Secret Book image
Secret Book from Shining Force II
Vital statistics
Type Secret
Effects Promotes a Mage to a Sorcerer instead of a Wizard
Cost to buy Cannot Buy
Cost to sell Sell amount
Cost to repair Cannot repair

The Secret Book is a secret item from the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.


The Secret Book is one of the secret items from Shining Force II that can be used to promote a character to a special new class. It will promote a Mage into a Sorcerer, instead of a Wizard. You find the Secret Book at the Elven Town. You go into the Elven Town go into the two-story building. There you go upstairs and search the bookshelf on the west side of the room and you wil find the Secret Book! This is far enough in the game that you will undoubtedly have a promotable Mage. You will only be able to use the Secret Book on Kazin or Tyrin, as the only other Mages in the game, Chaz, is already promoted to a wizard when you get him. Check each stats carefully and decide which Mage you want to promote to a Wizard and which to a Sorcerer.


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