Shaman is a rather uncommon recurring class in the Shining series. The first game in which a member of the class was seen is Shining the Holy Ark, and few have appeared since. Shamans may be promoted to the Summoner class by the usual means.


Shamans are people born with the ability to communicate mentally with the spirits of the dead. Through study and training, they can use this ability to wield magic by summoning spirits to their assistance. With enough training, Shamans can become capable of using rare and powerful spells not accessible to most magic users.

Few if any generalizations can be made about the people with the title of Shaman, since they are so rarely seen or mentioned, and even the two known examples of the class are radically different from each other in terms of their backgrounds and ways of life.


There is no general strategy for using Shamans, since as of yet no two appear in games of the same genre. Furthermore, they do not even specialize in the same type of spells; while one specializes in healing and support magic, another learns only the offensive spell Freeze prior to promotion.


  • Melody (Shining The Holy Ark)
  • Hedoba (Shining Force III)
  • Narsha (Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon)


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