Sonia Blanche

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Sonia Blanche
SResonance Sonia Portrait1 SResonance Sonia Portrait2 SResonance Sonia Portrait3 SResonance Sonia Portrait4
Race Human
Birthplace Astoria
Relatives King Albert
Physical description
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Black
Gender Female
Class Magic Knight
Faction Kingdom of Astoria
Media appearances Shining Resonance
Voice Actors
Japanese Asami Seto
English Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Voice Clips

"Excuse me for being a tomboy of a princess, I'll have you know that being out fighting like this.. It's just my way!"
—Sonia Blanche, Shining Resonance

Sonia Blanche (ソニア・ブランシュ Sōnia Buranshu), also known as Sonia Branche, is a main heroine from Shining Resonance. Sonia takes up the mantle of being the female protagonist in Shining Resonance, functioning as the party leader. 



A determined woman with a masculine streak to her personality, she knows her way around a sword and has earned the nickname “Lightning Princess,” a name that strikes fear in others and is as much a reference to her personality as it is her ability to take action with extreme swiftness.  


Working to help get the Kingdom of Astoria back on its feet, she has a number of people under her command as she fights against the empire. The game’s storyline begins with her and her troops raiding an imperial research facility and rescuing Yuma Irvan, a legendary dragon held captive, who is then placed under her protection from that point onward. While the imperial family has a Dragon Instrument of its own that’s been passed on from generation to generation, she still can’t confidently wield it as of yet.  



Preferred choices or choices that will increase relationship are in bold. Choices that decrease relationship are underlined.[1]


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