Sorcerer is the name of two distinct character classes in the Shining series. The first is a class of powerful offensive magic users in the Dungeon Crawler and Action RPG games of the series. For the purposes of this article, this variety of Sorcerer will be referred to as Type A Sorcerers. The second is a special promotion class for Mages (MAGE), and appears only in Shining Force II. Type B Sorcerers use a selection of spells generally unique to their class, though special weapons in Shining Force III allow Wizards (WIZ) to use these spells as well.


Type A Sorcerers are powerful magic users, similar to Wizards but far more versatile. Though they specialize in offensive spells, they can learn spells of every variety.

Mages can be promoted to Type B Sorcerers by using the hidden item Secret Book.

Sorcerers of both types are all either humans or elves.


Sorcerers are the most powerful wielders of offensive magic available. They usually have low Attack and Defense, although some Type A Sorcerers have stronger Defense than may be expected.

Sorcerers tend to use rods and staves as weapons, though Type A Sorcerers may also have access to whips, wands, and books. They can also equip most normal accessories.

The spells of type A Sorcerers are especially effective against groups of multiple enemies, but be sure to watch for enemies that take little damage from regular attacks. For boss battles, their stat-boosting spells are the first thing to use. Aside from those three purposes, it is usually best for them to either defend or use their regular attack if it does decent damage; their MP won't last forever and may be needed for tougher battles later on. You also must consider their vulnerability. In tougher battles they may need their Defense boosted with a support spell.


Type A SorcerersEdit

Type B SorcerersEdit


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