Sugoi Mizugi
Sugoi Mizugi image
Tao in the Sugoi Mizugi
Vital statistics
Type Special
Effects The wearer's battle icon wear a tiny purple bikini.
Source Secret chest inside the Cave of the Moonstone
Cost to buy Cannot buy it
Cost to sell Sell amount
Cost to repair Cannot repair it

The Sugoi Mizugi (or Amazing Swimsuit) is a secret item found in Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention and Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon.


This secret item was told of in all of the battle guides and game books. This item can be found in the Cave of the Moonstone in the Bustoke Quarry. Search the bottom left side of the cave and a chest will open up and you will recieve the Sugoi Mizugi.

In the remake this item is given as a reward for finding all cards.


You can equip this item to either Tao or Narsha.

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