Ancient Stone Guardian, Taros
Vital statistics
Race Unknown
Faction Independent
Appearance Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing
Health Points 49
Magic Points 0
Attack 41 (45 on Super)
Defense 32
Speed 151(Displayed as 23)
Movement 0
Spell(s) Bolt level 2
Special Attacks None
Items Taros Sword
Gold 450



Taros guards the Taros Shrine and everything inside of it. You meet Taros shortly after batting with the Kraken, however you are unable to battle him until you obtain the Achilles Sword and speak with Rohde in Hassan. Taros can then only be damaged with the Achilles Sword and any other sources of damage, including magic, will fail to deal damage. After beating Taros, you are rewarded with the Caravan.


Since Taros can only be damaged via the Achilles Sword, it is a good idea to have Bowie be leveled a bit since he is the only one who can equip said sword. Taros' range of 2 (same as that of a spear such as the kind used by Chester) can be problematic as he can attack other party members around him. This makes healing Bowie a little bit more involved. Taros can also unleash a deadly Bolt 2 on the party with a massive 2 square radius area of effect so it is advised to keep all party members other than Bowie and Sarah far away since they will be useless against Taros anyways. It may be a good idea to keep Sarah out of Taros' range (4 squares away from him to avoid the 3 range Bolt 2) and have Bowie retreat from Taros and go to Sarah for healing. Alternatively, you can have Bowie and Sarah stand next to each other with Sarah healing when necessary and Bowie continuously beating Taros to a pulp.


The fact that the only weapon that hurt Taros is named the Achilles Sword, is likely a reference to the Greek hero, Achilles who was dipped into the river Styx as a baby making him invulnerable to all weaponry except for the spot where his mother held him as he was dipped, his Achilles Heel also refereed to as the Achilles Tendon. He hardly flinched at standard blows, but a single arrow to that area where he was not dipped in the river ultimately killed him.

Using the Control Enemies cheat via the Debug Menu, you can make Taros drop his Taros Sword and the sword will be on sale at any shop in the Deals for 10,000 gold. The sword however cannot be equipped by anybody.


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