Vital statistics
Class Sorcerer
Gender Female
Race Elf
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Tristan
Relatives Unknown
Appearances Shining Force II

Taya (Rinda, or Linda, in Japanese) is a female Elf Sorcerer and a member of the Shining Force in the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.




She comes already promoted saving the player having to level her to get her on par with other Force members. Her spells deal more damage overall then the Mage/Wizard class on a single target and are more mana efficient. She has a high and steady HP and MP growth and a decent defense and speed growth.

She can never become a Wizard since she comes already promoted. Her spells loose their damage potential when hitting multiple targets and thus her overall damage is not great.

Her attack stat is low so its best to watch her MP.

Powers & MagicEdit

Taya can cast the following spells:

Level 1 - acquires at Level 32
Level 2 - acquires at Level 39
Level 1 - acquires at Level 45
Level 2 - acquires at Level 54
Level 1 - acquires at Level 21
Level 2 - acquires at Level 35
Level 1 - acquires at Level 42
Level 2 - acquires at Level 49


  • "The force of nature is more powerful than the devils!"

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