Touka Kureha

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Touka Kureha

Race Human
Age 17 (Wind) [1], 18 (Blade) [2]
Physical description
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Almond
Gender Female
Height 165cm (5'5") [1]
Weight 48kg (105 lbs) [1]
Measurements B84 W55 H85 cm (B33" W21" H33") [1]
Class Student Council secretary/Archery captain
Faction Luminous Knights
Media appearances Shining Wind
Shining Tears X Wind
Shining Blade
Voice Actors
Japanese Yui Horie
Voice Clips


"If you need my song in order to protect the two worlds, I'll cooperate happily."
—Touka Kureha, Shining Blade

Touka Kureha (呉羽 冬華 Kureha Touka?) is one of the protagonists in Shining Wind. She is a grade 12 student and also the student council secretary of St. Luminous College.

She reprises her role in the anime adaptation, Shining Tears X Wind. She also makes an appearance in Shining Blade as a high school student who was summoned from another world.



She has long, light brown hair, fair skin and almond eyes.

Her signature outfit in Shining Wind is a yellow kimino with a black trim, the outfit consists of matching long sleeves, a short, black skirt, a yellow sash that wraps around her torso, a white hair ribbon, a matching choker, and white boots.

In Shining Blade, Touka is depicted wearing a school uniform made up of a black blazer consisting of a yellow trim and eight buttons, a white blouse underneath the blazer, a yellow necktie, a yellow pleated skirt, black knee socks and loafers.


Kureha is a grade 12 student and also the student council secretary of her school. Representing beauty and wisdom, she is considered the "idol" in her school. She is a gentle and polite girl, she always shows kindness to everyone, but when she meets something unreasonable she would rejected resolutely, in fact she would be terrible when she is angry. She is a miko and was born in a shrine family(a very powerful family), she is good at the art of kyūdō and spell, but cooking is not her strong point. St. Luminous College, the school in which she studies was built by her grandfather, and her mother is the director general of this school.


Shining WindEdit

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Shining Tears X WindEdit

A student who also happens to work at a shrine as a miko, or shinto priestess. Kureha is skilled in the art of archery, or kyūdō. She was transported to End Earth with Souma after they helped Mao defeat a monster. Upon their arrival, she was attacked by monsters and got killed, presumably. But she was revealed to be unscathed after Souma pulled out a sword from her body, the Spirit Sword Snow Moon Flower. After Kiriya and Souma fight, she joins Kiriya and the other Luminous Knights. Kiriya can also draw a sword from her, the Spirit Sword Blazing Sunlight.

Kureha has feelings for Kiriya, but never expresses them to him. In the end, she returns to her own world, together with Kiriya and Sheena.

Shining BladeEdit

Inside the Shining Blade's story, she and her friends are back to the dream continent, helping the protagonist, Rage, against their enemies. She is one of the five magic singers, she uses bow and magic songs to help Rage, and an important indispensable force which defeat the boss.



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