General Tybalt is an NPC in Shining Force III, being a general of the Republic Army. He is first seen in Saraband, and later volunteers to use his force to go and distract the Imperials when the Bulzome Sect initiate their plan. Tybalt is not seen for a large portion of the game following this, though he is seen at points after the Republic Shining Force re-enter Aspinia.

Scenario 1Edit

In Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom, Tybalt is seen at the Republic Lodge in Saraband, acting as an advisor and escort to King Benetram. However, after the Masked Monks arrive in the city and begin their plans, the Imperials and the Saraband Army suspect the Republic is responsible given the nature of the operation, and begin converging on them. Tybalt and his ally, General Edmund, volunteer to take their armies and distract the Imperials to cover the escape of the Shining Force and King Benetram.

Western Ending

In Shining Force III (which is meant to be played on its own, as no more releases for scenarios 2 and 3 were being made), Tybalt survives the whole debacle with the Empire and the Bulzome Sect. When Fynnding reports on the invading Imperials, he states that Tybalt and his army were still posted (as the imperials snuck in) as normal. As a result, he survives at the conclusion of the game.

Scenario 2Edit

In Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God Tybalt had been confronted by Medion and his forces, ending with Tybalt dying in combat.


  • Tybalt, alongside Produn, are some of the few NPC Republic Generals who have not betrayed Aspinia.

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