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    Taking Over

    January 31, 2012 by Bermuda

    Hey Shining fans! Well, the wiki hasn't had any active users, excluding anons and users who just made less than ten edits, for a month and a half now. You may be thinking about the title, "Why is this user taking over the wiki? The wiki is not owned by any user!" Well, I couldn't come up with a good blog title, and there's another reason for the title. Since this wiki has come to an inactive point (either because of the move away from Wikia, or the wiki is just silent), I was thinking I would change up the wiki around, such as completely changing templates (without consent) and re-vamping the main page to something I have accomplished on other wikis.

    Anyways, you may also be thinking, "Why would you post a blog if there are no users on this w…

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