Vigor Ball
Vigor Ball image
The All-Powerful Vigor Ball
Vital statistics
Type Secret
Effects Promotes a Priest into a Master Monk
Cost to buy Cannot Buy
Cost to sell Sell amount
Cost to repair Cannot repair

The Vigor Ball is a secret item found in the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.


The Vigor Ball is used to promote a Priest into a Master Monk, instead of a Vicar. The benefits of using the Vigor Ball are that the Master Monk looks much cooler and can fight with the best of them! Their spell abilities do not change, however. There are two Vigor Balls, you will find one in a hidden chest in the Elven Town and the other is behind a lone tree at the Dojo where you find Sheela. The only characters you can use the Vigor Ball on are Sarah and Karna.


  • There is only one orb in the Japanese version, the English versions second orb is a error. After the game was localized, changes were also made to the game data. The second orb is not suppose to exist any longer as it was suppose to be placed elsewhere in the game, but was accidentally left in. As a result, the player can aquire both the orb in its new location and its old. The player is only suppose to be able to choose between promotion of Sarah or Karna, not both. This was the only case of this occurring with all promotion related items.

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