Weatherly image
Wizari's illusion of herself as young and beautiful on the left, her true form on the right.
Vital statistics
Race Human
Faction Faction of the enemy
Appearance Shining Soul II
Health Points Health Points
Magic Points Magic Points
Attack Attack Points
Defense Defensive Points
Speed Speed, or agility or quickness
Movement Monster's movement
Spell(s) Spells, if any
Special Attacks Special attacks, if any
Items Items and weapons, if any

Wizari is one of the main villains of Shining Soul II. The hero spends the first third of the game battling her plot to unleash the power of Darkness, before finally encountering her in a boss fight.



Initially, Wizari only appears as an illusion. To make her true form appear, destroy the picture of the young and beautiful Wizari while avoiding her minions. Be ready as she will launch attacks of her own once you force her to appear.

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