Yuma Ilburn

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Yuma Ilburn
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Race Dragon
Birthplace Alfheim
Physical description
Hair color Blue
Eye color Blue
Gender Male
Class Swordsman
Media appearances Shining Resonance
Voice Actors
Japanese Nobunaga Shimazaki
English Not applicable
Voice Clips

"I can't use this power so freely. If I'm ever careless again... I'll..."
—Yuma Ilburn, Shining Resonance

Yuma Ilburn (ユーマ・イルバーン Yūma Irubān?, also know as Yuma Irvan) is the leading protagonist of Shining Resonance. When in his human form he goes by the name of Yuma Ilburn. Yuma is a young man troubled by his own fate. He is the Successor of the Shining Dragon.



In his human form, Yuma has short, purple hair. He wears a black choker with a gold pendant, a teal jacket adorned with belts attached on it, a long, white shirt and sleek, black pants with belts attached on it.

In his dragon form, Yuma is golden in appearance, possessing a sharp blade embedded on his forehead.


Likely because he’s lived away from common customs, he tends to be passive and leaves the decision making to others. When he transforms, he becomes the legendary, but inexperienced, dragon—Shining Dragon Progress Body.[1]


Chapter 1: Overture in the MoonlightEdit

Yuma is found in a locked room by Sonia Blanche. They escape the area and are confronted by Excela Noa Aura and her dragon companion. Using the power of her music to strengthen the dragon, Excela engages the duo in battle. Suddenly, Kirika Towa Alma intervenes in their fight with her own music and the newly formed trio confront Excela's dragon. After overpowering the dragon in battle, Excela calls upon two other dragons to serve her will. Grasping with a voice in his head, Yuma transforms into the legendary Shining Dragon, and escapes the location with Sonia and Kirika in tow.


In battle, Yuma occupies the swordsman class and fights with the Dragon Roar Blade Vanderhorn, which is described to be a partial manifestation of his latent power. Additionally, while he can revert to his dragon form at any time using the Vanderhorn as a catalyst, as we wrote previously, he can only do so in a “half-awakened state” in his Progress Body form, meaning that if he uses his powers too much, he’ll go out of control and go on a rampage


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